Stone Age A.D. are a classical rock band formed in Cataguases (MG) in 2008 which combines elements of blues and progressive rock.  The band consist of Matheus Campista (guitar and electric guitar), Philipe Antunes (lead vocals and guitar), Leandro Abritta (bass guitar), Marcelo Athouguia (drums) and  Frederico Fontes (keyboard) and their music presents sharp riffs, lyric progressive melodies, and a heavy and raw sound.  These traits refer to the essence of the golden age of rock n roll - the 1970s.

After many years performing with their unique personality the covers of the gods of Rock and Blues in music festivals, gatherings of motorcyclists and pubs, the band has been summing up compliments where they go, and in 2015 they launched the production and recording of their debut album – The Awakening of Magicians and consists of 9 songs.

The album was recorded in Cataguases at the Performance Estúdio and mixed by Warney Romanhol and Nando Costa, who also mastered it. The album "The Awakening of Magicians"(2018) presents  a sound immersion into Rock and Roll in its most primitive form permeated by overwhelmingly melodies which are in ballads and musical "voyages" through Progressive Rock. Their lyrics and songs define people's everyday routine and their inner work of transformation, migrating from the shadows which dominate them to the light that awaits them.

Stone Age A.D. traced their way moved by the passion for furthering an inner deep sound experience, building up the fundaments of a new state of mind. Thus, we invite you to live up this experience with us!

Philipe Antunes


Matheus Campista


Leandro Abrita


Marcelo Athouguia


Frederico Fontes



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